The University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" (Second University of Naples, before the change of name), known as SUN, was established in 1991 (Decree MURST, 25 March) with the aim of relieving the overcrowded conditions of the major Neapolitan university known as the “Federico II”. On the official date of November 1st 1991, the Vanvitelli University began to function autonomously with nineteen thousand enrollments and eight faculties located in five different territorial areas of Caserta and Naples.  Currently, there are thirty thousand students attending the Vanvitelli’s 18 Departments.  The University’s multicampus structure has two offices for its Rector: one in Naples and one in the Royal Palace of Caserta.  


University Locations

Famous historic buildings are home to the University’s Schools, Departments, Centers and Administrative offices. Many of these same buildings are also archaeological sites, such as the Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage in Santa Maria Capua Vetere which stands on what once was a Roman  Cryptoporticus and the Schools of Medicine which are located in the old City Center of Naples. 


Below is a list of all the campus structures and their locations:  

Architecture and Industrial Design 

Aversa – San Lorenzo ad Septimum building and cloister.


Capua – Historical building that was once the Convent of the “Dame Monache” and also Military Barracks “Ettore Fieramosca”.


Santa Maria Capua Vetere - the main building is Palazzo Melzi, a 17th century structure. The teaching center is located in a modern building known as the Aulario 


Aversa – originally a religious complex, the Annunziata campus dates back to the 14th century.

Humanities and Cultural Heritage

Santa Maria Capua Vetere – the department is located in the ancient Monastery of San Francesco which dates back to the 17th century. The Monastery lies on a very important Roman archeological site. 

Medicine and Surgery

The School of Medicine offers the single cycle medical degrees in two of its teaching hospitals: the Naples campus is located in the University Teaching Hospital known as the “Vecchio Policlinico” ; the Caserta campus is located in the “San Benedetto area”.

All clinical teaching activities are also held at the “Vecchio Policlinico” in Naples and at the Caserta Civil Hospital of Caserta. The Degree course in Orthodontics is held at the Naples Campus.

The Neapolitan teaching hospital occupies two major locations: the complex of Sant’Andrea delle Dame and the “Santa Patrizia Cloisters”.


The Department of Psychology was established In 2001 and is presently located on the Caserta Campus (Viale Ellittico).

Science and Pharmaceutical, Biological and Environmental Technologies

The Department was established in 2009 and is currently located on the Caserta Campus (Polo Scientifico).

Mathematics and Physics

This Department is located on the Caserta Campus (Via Antonio Vivaldi).

Political Science “Jean Monnet”

Academic year 2006-2007 marks the beginning of the Department of Political Science “Jean Monnet” located on the Caserta Campus (Viale Ellittico).   


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