Annual teacher training courses (TFA)

Annual teacher training courses (TFA), in compliance with the latest statutory requirements (D.M. 249/2010), are curriculum internships leading to qualifications for lower and upper secondary school teaching. 
Both an entry exam and a final exam are required in order to access the course and acquire qualifications. 


TFA Norms and Regulations:
1) D.D 263, 22/05/2014
2) D.D. 306, 05/06/2014
3) D.M. 139, 04/04/2011

The following classes are covered by the TFA activities run by the Second University of Naples:

A016 – Construction, Technology and technical Design
A017 – Economics
A043 – Italian, History and Geography in lower secondary schools
A047 – Mathematics
A049 – Mathematics and Physics
A050 – Literary studies in upper secondary schools
A051 – Literary studies and Latin in ‘Licei’ (upper secondary schools)
A059 – Mathematics and Science in lower secondary schools
A060 – Natural sciences, Chemistry and Geography, Microbiology
A061 – Art History
A069 – Graphic Technology and Graphic Implants
A070 – Textile Technology
A071 – Technology and technical design

The preliminary tests are administered by the local School authorities and the MIUR (Ministry of Education)




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