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The education system in China is one of the largest in the world, and this can be attributed to the fact that it has a high population as well as a good economy. In the year 2016, more than 9.4 million of students were admitted to the National Higher Education Entrance Examination proving the massive number of students that go through China’s education per year. Of the total GDP in China, 4% of its budget goes to funding education. Education in China is important to all the people, as they are required by the government to go through certain levels of education before they can be allowed to do their things. The decision by the Chinese government in 1986 to make education compulsory for children who were to attend 9 years of education is seen as an important step in improving the educational standards in the country. The basic year education was mandatory for each child, and therefore most of the children in China have gone through the system through the interventions from the government.

According to the Ministry of Education, more than 99% of children have gone through universal education. It has resulted in more international students furthering their studies in China because of the improved levels of education in the country. As of March 2017, the Ministry of Education estimated that the number of international students that were studying at their universities was estimated to be more than 440,000. All the numbers of international students have enrolled in at least 829 higher institutions in the country. The huge influx of international students has several impacts on China, including:

Ø  International students have helped improve the education system in China because of the new knowledge they bring from the various parts of the world. The information is always shared among the other students at the universities.samedayessay

Ø  International students come from different cultures, and therefore the Chinese students can learn new things from the different cultures that the students come from. The new culture and traditions have enhanced the learning environment in the universities and have made the students see the world in a different perspective.

Ø  The high number of international students that flock into the Chinese universities has brought the country into the limelight for providing a better education for all. Also, it has made the country become known worldwide for welcoming students from other countries to study in its universities.

Teaching in China has improved over the period because of the teacher development system that the country has implemented. Teaching is one of the most respected traditions in China because of the system that makes teachers prepare more adequately before going to classes. The schools that employ the teachers have specified induction methods and professional development that makes sure that they continue to improve themselves as well as their careers while at the school. The teachers work with other master teachers on lesson plans as well as improvement, and this makes it easy for them to improve on what they teach the students.



When it comes to future planning, as parents, one needs to think about quality education. Christian Higher Education is considered to be a pathway towards quality education. There are different aspects through which Christian Higher Education can be regarded as the most appropriate option for upbringing and well-being of a child. Some of the options have been mentioned below:

  • In context of Christian Higher Education, one can easily access a wide base of quality professors
  • When you think about Christian Higher Education, one thing that crosses your mind is its relevance with enforcement of Christian values and beliefs
  • Affordability level ranges from low to moderate when it comes to Christian Higher Education
  • In Christian institutions, you shall come across faith integrated classroom practices
  • Christian Higher Education is certainly not confined only to curriculum design, but such educational system even focuses on close relationship building among students and faculty members
  • If you need to know the way through which you can serve others or develop required skills for serving others, then you should be accustomed to Christian Higher Education framework
  • Leadership opportunities in diverse fields are also accompanied with Christian Higher Education

Christian Higher Education is all about the psychological, social and emotional development of a child.

Benefits of Christian Higher Education

There are numerous benefits associated with Christian Higher Education. Firstly, the compatibility level of students indulged in Christian Higher Education is relatively higher than students going to private schools. In Christian Higher Education, relationship building is given equal importance like educational experience. Relationships and education, both are considered as vital aspects of such educational system. There are different mechanisms through which Christian schools attempt to provide a platform for relationship building. Other benefits include collaborative and friendly approach adopted by faculty members. In Christian Higher Education, faculty members try their best to provide quality education to students. Christian Higher Education is likely to build up an atmosphere which is usually quite familiar to students who are of Christian belief. Another vital benefit offered by Christian Higher Education is the educational quality. Quality teaching skills usually make students passing out from Christian colleges comparatively more competent in any professional field. Christian Higher Education even teaches you relationship building. Therefore, one encounters no such problem while facing the outside world. Finally, the most significant benefit offered through Christian Higher Education is the biblical worldview. Based on a biblical worldview, students get the essence of truth and ethical norms to be followed throughout their lives.

Is Christian Higher Education a Routine or a Form of Cultural Value?


The value of Christian Higher Education lies in its future implications. You can take it as a cultural value.  However, it is not any routine because it still faces a lot of challenges. There is a lack of an intellectual environment within the framework of Christian Higher Education. Many authors have claimed that Christian Higher Education is not able to develop intellectual abilities of students. Christian Higher Education represents a cultural value, but to be transformed into a routine process more focus should be given on overall development.